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That a baby's in utero experience builds the brain architecture that will determine behavior throughout life? While this can be a stressful thought for many pregnant mothers, we have great news for you! Meditation and mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, increase connection, and enhance baby’s brain development in positive and important ways.

Studies also show...

That meditation reduces the risk of preterm labor by 50% and also reduces the risk of postpartum depression. As a busy, pregnant mama, you don’t have to feel stressed, scared, and overwhelmed during what can be an incredible time in your life. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can take steps to drastically change your state of being – and those benefits will flow directly to your baby!

Get the tools!

At How to Birth like a Rockstar, we want you to have the tools you need to feel more confident and LESS ANXIOUS each day as your baby’s birth approaches. This system is NOT just for women who are working toward an unmedicated birth. (There are already plenty of tracks out there for that!) This is different. It’s for ALL women who want a confident and joyful pregnancy, a connected baby, and an empowered birth.




Start your day with deep purpose and a fierce commitment to doing what's best for both you and your baby. Inoculate yourself against the effects of drama, stress, and negativity before heading out the door. This meditation will help remind you that you are the creator of your life.

Evening Meditation


Shrug off the stress of your day and bring your focus back to the things that matter most. Most of our clients can't get through this track without slipping into a peaceful snooze fest, and that's okay with us! The most powerful part of your brain is still soaking up all that goodness.



Get the tools to protect yourself from the stresses of daily life! These affirmations will help you reframe how you relate to your world... from intense family relationships, to a stressful work environment, you'll grow confident in your ability to carry your baby with less stress and deeper connection. These active affirmations can go everywhere you go.



Pregnancy is a fleeting moment in time. These affirmations will help you make the most of this amazing chapter of extreme closeness with your baby. A regular meditation practice has been proven to be beneficial for babies, and it will also help you feel more connected with your child with each passing day.

Bundle & save

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Why choose just one tool, when you can have all four? The Baby Brain Bliss Bundle is our best value! Get all 4 of these transformative audios for one special price. By bundling your order, you'll ensure that you have all the tools you need need. Plus, you'll save $20 along the way. What could be better?

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Live Course


Includes How to Birth like a Rockstar workbook and all course materials, all four affirmation tracks, 3 live classes @ 2.5 hours each, plus a 1 hour Q & A with Laura Dugovic after the series. Click below to get more information and registration details!

Live classes are located in Southwest Las Vegas, NV.

Next Series: May 10, 17, & 24 6-8:30 PM

What our clients are saying:


Being introduced to positive affirmations and mindful birthing has completely changed my outlook on birth! I've come to deeply appreciate the beauty and rawness of it. With my fourth and last baby, I discovered the How to Birth like a Rockstar program. I attended the classes and started using the 4 audio tracks daily. I have never felt so connected with my baby before. I was present with every emotion, and so empowered as a woman and mother. It reframed my thinking, and helped me enjoy my pregnancy like never before. I was dedicated to this experience, and will forever hold this in my heart as one of the most sacred, spiritual, and uplifting experiences for both myself and my husband. Thank you, Laura, for being such a pivotal person in my life and bringing a whole new perspective on motherhood and its divine meaning.


I used the Rockstar affirmations over and over before my baby joined our family. This program created a calm space that gave me confidence to have the birth I wanted. When I arrived at the hospital, I was so calm that the attendant wheeling me over to Labor and Delivery asked me what I was coming in for. I thought he was joking, so I jokingly replied: "Why am I here? Well, you can't beat the food!" He looked confused. He was ACTUALLY asking me why I was there! He couldn't believe how calm I was. Repeating these affirmations released the fear I had surrounding birth, and helped me create a powerful birthing experience. Rockstar helped me stay present to the miracle happening in my body. In between contractions, I cracked jokes and laughed. The affirmation that I clung to the whole delivery was "I AM A POWERFUL WARRIOR." I can't say how many times I repeated that. During transition, it was one of the only thoughts in my mind. I can't recommend the Rockstar program enough!


This program was a game changer! After a very difficult birth with baby #1, I decided to attend the Rockstar classes. What I learned there gave me the confidence to approach my second pregnancy and birth in a completely different way. I listened to the affirmations daily, and they changed the way Ithought and felt. With each day, I grew more aware of my ability to mold and shape my reality. My next birth was beautiful, intervention-free, and with a 50% shorter labor!


I absolutely loved having these affirmations to help me throughout my pregnancy. I was suffering from major stress because of something I had been told by a trusted source - which freaked me out to my core! I listened to these affirmations, again and again, and they helped me to realize that I was in control of my birth. These affirmations led me away from a stressful pregnancy & birth situation, and into the birth that I truly wanted for myself and my baby! I will forever be grateful for this system. To this day, 4 years later, I still use these tools any time I want to release any toxins from my body, such as stress or anxiety and sleeplessness. I have the ability take a few minutes to myself, and go to a state of total relaxation, calm, and peace. The Rockstar Method helped me form a special bond with my sweet little boy. I took time to bond with him every day. I would sing to him, dance with him, and even read stories to him. I must have done something right, because, he still loves to do those things with me to this day. He is the most special little guy to me, and I cherish this connection to him with all my heart.


The Rockstar affirmations were something I really took seriously before I gave birth to my first child. Laura had helped us understand the difference they would make in my delivery, so I made sure I was listening to them most mornings and nights. (Always at least once a day.) When the delivery day of my first child came, I was amazed to find that I wasn't scared at all. I was able to completely relax. By that time, I had most of the affirmations memorized. During labor, my husband would read them to me in a calm voice, I found that my body was trained to believe and follow whatever it was hearing. The voice on the recording is perfect, especially for the delivery day. I was able to just set my phone next to my ear and tune everything else out and go into a state of complete relaxation. I couldn't have delivered the way I wanted to without these affirmations. They truly made the difference on delivery day. I also couldn’t have done it without the Rockstar program, or without the help of Laura. She is incredible, and I feel so lucky I found her!


I am a firm believer that what we tell our minds is what becomes our reality. The Rockstar affirmations were SO helpful throughout my pregnancy and labor and delivery! The techniques and affirmations I learned allowed me to have a quick, less painful, and healthy delivery of my baby boy. I also believe my baby and I were more bonded because of all the positive energy and love. This course is extremely beneficial for ALL pregnant women and ANY type of delivery.


As a doula myself, I have recommended this program to countless clients and friends! It's a modern system for modern mothers, and Laura's classes are always entertaing and literally PACKED with evidence-based teachings!


The affirmations from the Rockstar program were my favorite for so many reasons! These affirmations were instrumental in strengthening my bond with my sweet baby boy. Being pregnant is hard! Our bodies go through so much, and it’s exhausting. I loved having time set aside that was just for me and baby to bond and feel peace each day. When it came time to deliver, I was so grateful I had done the affirmations throughout my pregnancy. They helped me visualize the birth I wanted, and I remained calm AND CONFIDENT through each contraction. I would highly recommend the Rockstar Method & Affirmations to anyone, no matter their birth plan!


When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was afraid of the idea of giving birth. I heard some scary stories! The Rockstar affirmations completely changed the way I thought about birth. The affirmations helped me to realize that the contractions were not my enemy, but they were helping me to have my baby. It also helped me to pause daily and focus on my baby, making us more connected. I used the How toBirth like a Rockstar Method for both of my pregnancies, and the outcomes were amazing! I even got compliments from my nurses who said I didn't looked like I was in labor because I was so calm. Meditation really works! How to Birth like a Rockstar was a crucial tool in achieving my great birth experiences!


Laura Dugovic is a wife to one, mother to two, and doula and childbirth educator to hundreds. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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